What size heater do I need?

As a "rule of thumb" we recommend 1-kW per 1000-UK gallons of water, however this should be confirmed with your supplier as the ratio is very much dependant on the surface area of your pond / system. For example you could have a very large volume of water with a very small surface area (i.e. very deep) this would require less than 1-kW per 1000-UK gallons. On the other hand if you have a very large surface area and the same volume of water then the heater would need to be sized larger than 1-kW per 1000-UK gallons.

Can I plug the heater in?

The temperature gain of the water after it has passed through the heater will be directly proportional to the volume of water being pumped in relationship to the power output of the heater. 
For example: A 6-kW heater, when connected to a 4000-litre per hour pump, will produce a lift in temperature of approximately 1.2°C (almost undetectable to the human hand). However, as the water being heated is recirculated from a single body of water, the time required to heat it remains unaffected by the volume of flow. A popular misconception is that slowing down the flow rate will speed up the heating process, this is not the case.

How long will the heating elements last?

The heating elements used in all Elecro heaters are of superior build quality and if correctly looked after will last for many, many years. The biggest 'threat' to the heating elements is debris. With Aquatic applications there is a large amount of suspended & dissolved solids present in the water which are too small for any filter to remove, when these solids are passed over an energised heating element they 'stick' to it and over time will build up and create a large deposit on the heating element(s). We recommend that you remove the heater from the system to clean it through at least every 6 months, the time will vary from system to system.

What do the lights mean?

Amber = Standby Mode (no / insufficient flow, required temperature achieved, timed off or safety thermal cut out tripped)

Red = Heating (elements energised)

Can I buy directly from you?

Unfortunately we are unable to supply members of the public directly, if you wish to purchase any Elecro product please contact your preferred retailer.

If you already own a Elecro product and require spare parts then we can supply these to you directly, for further information please email your requirement to sales@elecro.co.uk or alternatively call our office on +44 (0)1438 749 474 during our opening times.

What size cable do I need?

As a 'rule of thumb' guide cable section should be calculated at 1mm² conductor for every 5-Amp of current drawn, this is only a general rule for cable runs up to a maximum of 20 meters.

For greater cable runs the installation electrician will have to calculate what the voltage drop will be and increase the conductor size sufficiently.If you have a question that is not answered here please email technical@elecro.co.uk